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5 reasons many believe Kante is a football robot



5 reasons many believe Kante is a football robot


Many has believe that N’Golo Kante, Chelsea midfielder is a football robot over his ability and strength

Kanté, who was born in Paris to Malian parents, began his career at JS Suresnes in the capital’s western outskirts when he was eight years old, and lasted there for ten years.

Here are four reasons why Chelsea fans consider N’Golo Kante to be a football robot.

1. N’Golo’s transformation from a bricklayer to one of the world’s best midfielders is nothing short of remarkable.

2. Winning the English Premier League with Leicester City and Chelsea in consecutive seasons. Kante rose to prominence after helping Leicester City win the Premier League during his time there.

3. Despite his success and wealth, Kante is known for leading a simple life off the field, but when it comes to winning games, he fights for his team.

N’Golo is number four. On the field, Kante’s tackles are both surprising and remarkable. When it comes to making clear tackles that do not hurt the opposing player, he is one of the league’s best.

5. Kante’s work rate is outstanding, as evidenced by his frequent appearances on the pitch.


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