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Chelsea fans allegedly react to Tuchel’s decision of dropping Lukaku against Liverpool



Chelsea fans allegedly react to Tuchel's decision of dropping Lukaku against Liverpool

Thomas Tuchel has omitted Romelu Lukaku from Chelsea squad to face Liverpool at Stanford Bridge over recent viral interview with Sky Sport Italia.

Lukaku who spoke with Sky Sport that he’s unhappy with situation in Chelsea and Thomas Tuchel choose to play him with another system.

The only way for Tuchel to pay him bad so to drop him in today game against Liverpool, but Chelsea fans have pour down their mind to react allegedly over the decision to omitted Lukaku in the blues squad.

Reactions from Chelsea fans on twitter

He’s essentially ended his own career 😂 would anyone want him at their club after that mess of an interview?

Is it bad for him to share his feelings. If what he said was wrong then let TT tell us. That’s bad of the team and the coach .So he can’t share his feelings anymore. Then Chelsea should terminate his contact so we see he isn’t part of the team.

Lol… ended what.. he will say what he wants and no one can do shit

feelings feelings feelings…u need to grow a pair, getting paid a huge salary to be proffesional but biting the hand that feeds you.

I know that Lukaku spoke his mind without holding anything back. But there are so many ways you handle this without putting your football carrier at stack. He should have spoken with TT about his feelings first that is why he is ur manager now the inter he still desire to go back

It’s time everyone understands that anyone can share their feelings regardless.. tolerance is what makes a society what it is.. his career is very much intact.. no one can do shit and back it by law.. he has every right to say what he wants

Tuchel isn’t being tactical, Lukaku is a key player in Chelsea & excluding him from matches when he’s fit to play, especially now that Chelsea’s in short of players is a big mistake. What Lukaku said about the club is displeasing but decisions shouldn’t be made based on emotions.

🗣️”I spoke with him(Romelu) some few hours back, he said he’s aware of Tuchels decision to drop him for Tomorrow’s game against Liverpool. But that’s not shocking,It’s not the First time he’s being Dropped, He was Dropped at Westbrom, Everton, Man. Utd, and Inter.

I feel bad for lukaku, he’s only going to hate the manager more knowing that he’s kicking him off for speaking, I don’t care if it’s controversial or not but don’t see it deserving to be kicked out of the team.

He wasn’t kicked out for speaking but doing so publicly. He could’ve easily spoken to Tuchel about this without all the press frenzy surrounding the current speech. We wouldn’t have even known any such conversation took place if he’d spoken to the right person, the right way.

I think at least we should treat the issue like Conte did with Diego – Use him

It make no sense to lose games to save face

Lukaku granted the interview not because of Inter but because of Conte in Tottenham… He knows this is the best way he could go to join Tottenham

Let’s give him to Spurs and take Kane.

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