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Chelsea get huge amount of money from World Cup to fund January transfer targets



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The 2022 World Cup coming to an end in Qatar this week, it is interesting to take a look at how much English Premier League club Chelsea are likely to make from the tournament.

The club is expected to benefit from the tournament in a number of ways. Firstly, the club will receive a share of the market pool from FIFA. This is calculated from television rights and other commercial deals and will see Chelsea receive a portion of the £2.47 million that FIFA allocates for the number of players in the competition.

In addition, Chelsea are likely to benefit from the performances of their players at the tournament. If any of their players impress during the competition, then it could lead to a rise in their club’s reputation and an increase in the value of their players. This could result in a transfer fee for the player, with the potential for a large sum of money going into the club’s coffers.

Finally, Chelsea will benefit from the increased visibility that the tournament will bring. The club has a number of high-profile players who are likely to perform well at the competition, and this could lead to increased interest in the club from potential sponsors and overseas fans. This could lead to an increase in the club’s commercial revenue and more money going into the club’s bank account.

Overall, Chelsea are likely to benefit from the upcoming FIFA World Cup in a number of ways, with the club receiving a share of the market pool from FIFA, increased transfer fees due to the performance of their players, and increased visibility leading to increased commercial revenue. All in all, the club is expected to make a total of £2.47 million from the tournament.