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Roman Abramovich wants new Chelsea owner to continue with his legacies and spending power



Dear Mr. Roman, an open letter from Chelsea fan to Abramovich


Roman Abramovich is selling Chelsea unexpectedly, and one can assume rather unwillingly – but he’s not going to just hand the hot potato on and run.

He’s determined to find a buyer who will continue spending on the club as he did, to continue his project of turning the club into a superpower.

That’s the line from Jacob Steinberg’s piece in the Guardian today, where he notes that Abramovich “does not want the legacy he has built at Chelsea since buying the club in 2003 to go to waste.”

He wants buyers to “show they have a viable plan,” as well as the “funds to ensure Chelsea remain successful.

So far, the buyers we’ve seen look largely like investors, who would be taking out loans and stretching their resources to buy the club. Their focus would be on recovering and then profiting from their investment. That is not what Roman – or the fans – want.

But given the pressure he’s under to make a sale, can the current owner really be too picky? If it comes down to £2bn from a hedge fund or £1bn from a hobby investor, is he really willing to put Chelsea first, to that degree?

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