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Ronaldinho reply Kai Havertz Ballon d’Or dream



Ronaldinho reply Kai Havertz Ballon d'Or dream

After the Chelsea attacker acknowledged that he admired the Brazil star as a youngster, Ronaldinho congratulated Kai Havertz for his admission.

The Brazilian is recognized as one of the greatest footballers of his era because of his cunning and skill with the ball dribbling.

It makes sense that Havertz, a challenging player, would look up to Ronaldinho, who won the Ballon d’Or in 2005.

The question “Who did you look up to as a footballer growing up?” was posed to Havertz during a Twitter Q&A session. “Ronaldinho,” he retorted.

The legendary Barcelona and Brazilian player then said, “Thanks, my friend.”

Thomas Tuchel will be ecstatic if Chelsea can locate a player like Havertz who can perform at the same level as Ronaldinho did during his playing days.

Havertz and Ronaldinho share the quality of being guys for big situations.

In the 2021 UEFA Champions League final, Havertz scored the game-winning goal, and he repeated the feat in the FIFA Club World Cup final the following year.

Havertz stated earlier this year, “Naturally, I want to be able to demonstrate my talents during such occasions because everyone is watching,” in an interview with Chelsea’s official website. I’m sure there have been significant games where I didn’t play well as well.

“However, it seems that people recall the contests in which I excelled and scored. It was a challenging match at the Club World Cup, and I wasn’t at my best for the first 117 minutes. Nevertheless, the winning goal—the penalty—is now well remembered.

“I simply try to maintain my composure during such crucial times, just concentrate on myself, and just take pleasure in what I am doing. If not, you might go back to that moment when you were 35 years old and wonder, “Why didn’t I appreciate that moment more back then?” or “Why didn’t I pause and take a breath back when I took that penalty?” and thought, “Wow! It’s awesome that you’re standing there while others are looking at you; just take it all in. I make an effort to savor those moments as much as I can because of this.

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