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Thomas Tuchel reacts as Chelsea fans asking for Graham Potter sack (Video)



Thomas Tuchel tells Graham Potter what to do to survive Chelsea

Chelsea new boss Graham Potter has come under attacked after the Blues played 1-1 draw with Nottingham Forest today.


Chelsea have drawn 1-1 against Forest and the result feels like a defeat, considering the poor performance by the Blues and the fact that the opposition are one of the worst teams in the Premier League this season.

Many fans are putting the blame on Graham Potter as the manager looks out of his depth, unable to come up with attacking tactics and proper motivation for the players.

Yet this Chelsea supporter argues that the problems lie deeper than Potter’s abilities.

“We get easily bullied and need to sort out that shit,” Vince tweeted.

“Before you start shouting Potter, it’s not any manager’s fault, it’s just the physical nature of our players. Leeds and Brentford also bullied us and left Tuchel fuming.

“[T]he moment Nottingham went direct with a lot of long balls, we couldn’t compete for the second balls. Every bad performance has a reason. We just couldn’t control them or win 50-50 balls, which pushed us back.

“I don’t think Potter has been great or anything, no, we are still far from playing his football, so he has work to do, but I feel the main work is fixing a squad we made worse last summer. That comes first before focusing on the manager. This squad is poor in many ways.”

What do you think about this take?